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The Soft Perfume is a dance on the skin

Our Beauty and Well-being Perfumes slide onto the skin,

their notes explode and the fragrances dance to the rythme of your day.

Like a bow brushing the strings of its instrument,

or a jazzman caressing the piano-keys,

let your Soft Perfume take you in a whirlwind of sensations!

Some happy choreographies to apply your Soft Perfume onto your skin: 

on the temples, the neck, the wrists, behind the knees, inside the elbows...

To celebrate Wold Music Day we selected the most dancing of our Soft Perfumes:

the dance, the joy, the energy the outburst of the motions with Swing Beauty

The tribute to Gainsbourg and his 'Javanaise' song with Eu Vent de Vous

The inspired and inspirational character with Artist

The sunny salsa with Copabana


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