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The Soft Interview of Victoire and Mathilde, the founders of Chichi Castelnango

Fondatrices Chichi Castelnango

For our collaboration with Chichi Castelnango, a brand of delicate lingerie, we met and interviewed the 2 founders (and sisters) of this glamorous and rock brand that we are found of!

  • Can you present your background as well as your brand Chichi Castelnango?

Chichi Castelnango is an affordable brand of fashion lingerie and couture. We respect the luxuary standards because we use noble materials 100% french, and also a haute couture design.

2 sisters are hiding behind the brand. Symbiotic relationship and complementary, one draws and the other one markets.

  • What are your main sources of inspiration in your work?

Chichi Castelnango's lingerie modernizes the technics of haute couture and we also find inspiration with the fashion shows of designers.

  • Which scents transport you?

The rose, the lily of the valley and the spices.

  • Which of Sabé Masson’s fragrance is your favourite and why ?

« Eu Vent de Vous » for its ambered perfume, its elegant and handful design.

  • What inspires you in Sabé Masson?

The mad colors, subtil and intoxicating scents.

  • Which place do you give to instinct when taking a decision ?

A great one… A huge crush and the instinct takes over the reason.

  • Our senses guide our instinct, which one is the more important for you and why?

The sight. Without it, no creation of Chichi Castelnango would have been made.

  • Through the eyes of which person would you like to see the world?

Frida Kahlo.

  • And finally, what are your projects?

The opening of a shop and the launch of our swimwear collection.


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