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Soft interview of Daphné - Founder of l'Atelier Green

Hi there everyone,

It's that time again, time for our next episode of the "Soft Interview" saga. This time around we got to have a sit down with Daphné Narcy, creator of L'Atelier Green - The cosy and eco friendly hair salon in Paris !

Daphné came by our showroom on the Haut Marais in September and the rest is history ! We absolutely love her way of thinking and stance on life so we wanted to share this with you. Last Thursday, sat in a Parisian café having a cup of tea, we met up with Daphné so she could answer our questions and share her secret garden with us !

So without further ado let's dive in !

● Can you introduce yourself ?

I'm Daphné, 30 years old, for 2 years I worked in the art market before taking a 180 and becoming a hairdresser. I devoted myself to hairdressing with only natural products. My credo: take care of your hair naturally, from A to Z. I create WORKSHOPs in Paris and in different cities across France. During these meetings I teach my clients to convert their hair habits into greener habits. I also am able to give my advice (always around natural products) to my Instagram community. Last but not least I also created the "Atelier Green", an intimate and ecological hair salon based in Paris. For the moment Cedric (our hairdresser) proposes cuts on dry hair (and clean hair !) And I intend to move soon to a bigger place, also I will also launch vegetable based coloring! A multi branch activity therefore, which does not leave room for boredom or routine ;-) This is very important for me.

● Which importance do you give to instinct when making a decision ?

Since always, I have trusted my instinct. My inner voice guides me and I feel a vibe about the decisions I make. If I make the right decision, I feel soothed and strengthened. Conversely, if I make the wrong decision, I feel oppressed. For me, the degree of listening to one's instinct is the level of courage that one has in one's life. The more we listen, the more we are perceived as "brave"! In my opinion it's not really about risk taking but rather a matter of having the capacity to listen to that little voice! I think that every experience in life, whether positive or negative in the moment, can evolve and sometimes make things happen. In this sense, there are not really failures but more successes!

● Our senses guide our instinct, which one is the more important for you and why?

Smell is without a doubt the sense that has the most power over me! Smells have the capacity to make me travel through my memories in a very strong way: I see my grandfather on his sofa, when I smell the smell of a newspaper. When I smell vanilla I think back to my favorite doll when I was little, and therefore to the whole time of my childhood. Cinnamon, orange blossom and rose remind me of my travels to Morocco and give me a feeling of intense calmness. Odors also have the ability to calm me, to stimulate me (like that of grapefruit) or to make me sick if they do not please me! For example, when I was a child I fainted systematically at the hairdresser when I could smell hairspray! A bit of a shame for a hairdresser ;-)

  • Which of Sabé Masson’s fragrance is your favourite and why ?

Après La Pluie Le Beau Temps, because it reminds me of the freshly cut summer grass, the hot and sunny days. And I like the name because it's optimistic and realistic in my opinion. Life is a succession of happenings, good or bad, but a bad phase is always followed by a more positive phase.

   What inspires you at Sabé Masson?

The ultra innovative concept (solid) and the gestures that ensue, the fact that one can wear perfume without applying chemicals to the skin. The scents are present but subtle at the same time, so they do not have this sickening side in many classic scents. Also, I love the natural stance of the brand DNA and of course the packaging.

  • What is your favourite sound ? 

No doubt ! My children's laughter, truthful, worry free, natural and unrestrained, this sound always gives me a crazy energy. They allow me to refocus things and remind me of the essentials. Otherwise, the sound of the birds of Morocco appeases me enormously. They sing very loud, all day long at sunrise and in a very harmonious way. It's wonderfull !

  • What inspires you ?

My experience, the different periods of my life and the people around me, whether it be my clients or my close entourage. I draw my natural solutions in the problems of everyday life.

  • Through the eyes of which person would you like to see the world?

The world, I do not know, but Paris, through those of a tourist. This idea has always trotted in my head. This city is so beautiful and must be even more so when it is discovered.



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