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Perfumer's portrait: Delphine Lebeau

Nose interview vol.2

Today the extraordinary Delphine Lebeau, creator of many fragrances for Sabé Masson, including the delicious Zazou, with neroli notes, who submitted with good grace to our Perfumer's portrait.


Could you present yourself to our readers?

Born in Paris, I have Italian and Spanish origins. After having worked at Givaudan and Takasago, I joined Fragrance Resources motivated by artisanal perfumery since we work closely with our clients at the atelier Fragrance Resources and choose our raw materials.

Have you always wanted to work as a Nose?

I haven’t. I began with studying medicine. However, the creative aspect can’t really be expressed in this field. So I developed an interest in perfumes thanks to which I could give free rein to my envies and express my sensitivity.

What was your first contact with the world of perfumery?

Without a doubt I would answer the markets I used to go as a child. I’ve got strong memories, as if I were attracted by the place, sounds, and above all smells. An experience full of possibilities, be it about touching, tasting or even smelling fresh products.

Can you explain to us what your inspirations were to create the fragrance of these Soft Perfumes?

I created a large number of fragrances for Sabé Masson. Zazou is one of my favorite. I imagined it as a universal eau in which everyone could recognize itself. Its head notes, very cologne with its hesperidia (citron, mandarin, bergamot) is enhanced by cold spices (ginger, pink peppercorn) to evolve towards a comfortable base with musk and amber that I particularly like.


Discover the Soft Perfume Zazou, a bright orange blossom floral

Do you have a favorite fragrance or smell and do you wear perfume?

I currently wear one of my creations. It is a fragrance with a delicate green and musky iris so as not to interfere in my work.

According to you, what smell would be impossible to transcribe in a perfume?

It is really hard to capture the smell of a baby skin. It is generally translated in perfumery by powdery, musky notes far from reality.

Are there raw materials you particularly like in your work?

I think every perfumer has his favorite raw materials which make his signature. As for me, they are floral, green and woody notes. Generally speaking, I like working with contrasts in my fragrances.


What advice would you give to someone looking for its olfactory signature and who is a bit lost in front of the wide range of choices?

I think it is important to follow our instinct, to please yourself and to follow your envies. There is no wrong choice if it is the one who pleases you! It is only important not to be trapped by brands and trends.

What smell do you like on other people but not on you?

Chypre notes. Although I know about its elegance, I like more sober notes.

According to you, what is the greatest pleasure for a perfumer and the biggest difficulty?

Managing to touch people thanks to my own creations is a beautiful victory. It is my greatest satisfaction as a perfumer but my biggest difficulty as well.

 What motivates you in your job and what is your motto in your private life?

Natural or synthetic raw materials give infinite possibilities and it is precisely this infinite diversity of smells which can arise from them which fascinates me everyday. Perfume is an art, like a sweet symphony which can reach people differently depending on what the notes mean to them.
As for my motto: Always see the glass as half full!

Thank you Delphine for this fascinating interview!

The Sabé Team


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