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Perfumer's portrait : Joëlle Lerioux Patris


Because not only does Sabé Masson exist thanks to you but also thanks to the talented noses with whom we work day by day, we decided to put the highlight on them with a new section: Perfumers’ portraits. Today, the talented Joëlle Lerioux Patris, who created the fragrance of the Soft Perfume De Guerre Lasse, kindly answered our questions.


Discover Soft Perfume De Guerre Lasse, a noble fruity chypre

  • Could you present yourself for our readers?

French perfumer, deeply attached to my native Pyrenees but citizen of the world! In love with life, in favour of friendship and family, fulfilled mother and crazy in love with my man! Perfume creator in Paris with the talented team of the Atelier de creation of Fragrance Resources.

  • Have you always wanted to work as a nose?

I have not! Even though I have always loved the world of smells… I wanted to become a dancer in the company of Alvin Ailey in NYC. But I was « reasoned » by my parents, more reassured by a scientific than artistic degree. I studied cosmetology at the ISIPCA to elaborate a « miraculous » anti ageing cream which would have made my mother eternal…. Only a few weeks after having discovered the world of perfume, the desire of creating fragrances flew in my veins and now still remains in me. Now, the pleasure of composing everyday fills me with Happiness! I am very lucky to pursue my passion everyday.


  • What was you first contact with the world of perfume?

My mother’s best friend’s perfumery. Week after week, I had fun memorizing the fragrances I was smelling. Noticing my interest, Nicole, the said friend, offered me samples, testers and point-of-sale promotions. My room was that of a perfume addict well before I got to know the « Nose » industry!

  • Could you explain your inspirations to create the fragrance of the Soft Perfume De Guerre Lasse?

Reunion, falling into each other’s arms, surrendering when skins touch. So I imagined a patchouli for her and for him! And even to be totally honest, for my lover and me! A fragrance, the two of us, with the softness of sunny accents of plum, peach and mandarin, the ambiguous fusing of violet leaves and the carnal elegance of leather and tree moss.

  • Do you have a favourite fragrance or smell and do you wear perfume?

Paloma Picasso, the chypre signature is my favourite perfume! I can easily wear perfume when I am creating. I even systematically wear my creations so as to know them well and adjust them. Nevertheless, so as not to disturb the evolution and the composition work of my colleagues, I do not wear perfume at the Atelier. Even if everyday life is a concerto of smells, a neutral olfactory world is essential to create.



  • According to you, which smell would be impossible to transcribe in a perfume?

I like thinking nothing is impossible! Challenges are motivating and drive my day to day life to be creative. Exploration often leads to beautiful surprises.

  • Are there raw materials you particularly like in your work?

Oh yes! Patchouli, ambroxan, clary sage, Co2 vanilla, Sichuan pepper, animalis base, ambretolide, ambrinol…

  • What advice would you give to someone looking for its olfactory signature and who is a bit lost in front of the wide range of choices?

Smell with your nose and not your eyes! Take time to look for your own olfactory identity without being influenced by the advertisement, the brand’s world, the price or even the muse. Be curious, open-minded, without prejudices and let yourself be surprised! Perfume is above all an alchemy between a smell and us, so wear it: don’t just smell it on smelling strips before choosing! Do not refrain either, thanks to little « pleasure » bottles, from owning several perfumes. You won’t betray yourself by wearing different « very favorite » perfumes according to occasions: I personally like wearing a woody Cologne during my French boxing course whereas I would prefer a chypre for a date or a musky creation to go to sleep…



  • What smell do you like on others but not on yourself?

Floral notes…

  • According to you, what is the greatest pleasure for a perfumer and the biggest difficulty?

The greatest pleasure is to manage to please! It is the supreme satisfaction! I feel like a craftswoman who is given the mission of triggering a feeling and providing Happiness in a perfume! The biggest difficulty is actually for each creation to travel the long and formative path towards reaching this shared pleasure and accepting not to always succeed. Doubting, learning to lose and learning by losing is painful but essential.

  • What motivates you in your job and is your motto in your private life?

Effort, team work, to grow together, to learn and to please! I do not believe in solo success. I need to be surrounded, but not invaded, to give the best of me.

« There are many things which only seem impossible as long as you don’t try them. »

André Gide

Thank you very much for these sincere answers! See you soon for new olfactory adventures !


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