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  • City Beak and Soft Perfumes

    Here, in video, is a page of our story "Fragrances with a thousand virtues". Our creator confides in you and tells you all about Soft Perfumes. ...

  • Change of season in rhythm

    Here are the first months of « ber »… September which anounces the end of summer, october and its beautiful promises of Autumnal and blazing colors. ...

  • Eugénia et Talia's Soft Interview, Tomorrows' founders

    Today, the charming founders of the ethical decoration brand Tomorrows answered our Soft Interview. They love our Soft Perfumes and we love their beautiful objects, full of sense and creativity. ...

  • Summer Garden Party

    That's it... we finally allowed ourselves to dream about nature, to enjoy the softness of the evening, to take out the tables and chairs in a garden or in a park and share a pleasant moment. ...

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