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Mother's Day, Soft Perfume Day

There is a woman in your life who loves you unconditionally, this woman is your mother.
At Sabé Masson women are of uppermost importance, especially when it comes to what is probably one of the most important female figures in a lifetime. May the 27th is the opportunity to give back. Give back to your mother, a small part of what she has given you.
We wanted to accompany you, help you express your appreciation, this is why for this occasion we are launching an exclusive offer on our various gift boxes, and more particularly the Collector's Boxes. Whether she be Belle et Furieuse, Ici ou Ailleurs, or even has an Artist’s soul  you will be able to award her with a selection that reflects the individuality of your dear mother.
Tell her with love, tell her with Soft Perfume.
Team Sabé Masson

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