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Let’s transform a balcony into a little garden!

Here come the sunny days and it is high time you tought about fitting your balcony or even your terrace for the most lucky ones.

Pretty plants, a lot of green space, and decorative accessories as well, which distinguish from common plant pots. And why not opting for a vertical garden so that the space becomes an real vegetable garden ! Recycling cork stoppers so as to create plants tags is an easy and ecological tip.

Here are a few ideas to concoct a little green space.


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So as to know 10 plants which are easy to have grow on your balcony, we advice you to read the article of the website Echosverts filled with well illustrated fact sheets.

We also tought about indoors given the terrariums trend which as beautiful as easy to maintain and are ideal to welcome succulents. Place them on a shelf or hang them to bring a natural touch.


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