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The Collection Boxes

When our brand designed the different Sabé Masson fragrances we had in mind individuality, uniqueness and art. In some ways, through their design, our Soft Perfumes Solides became collector items.

As more and more of our clients mentioned the pleasure they got from discovering our different fragrances, we began to rethink how we could facilitate their journey. This is when our idea of Quatro And Octo collection boxes saw the light of day.

We put a lot of time into designing these boxes. Their black, white and gold theme, adorned with our emblematic imprint transpire luxuriousness. With these collection boxes, you can now personalise your own selection of four or eight Soft Perfumes Solides out of the 16 current fragrances (Jardins de la Comtesse de Ségur Olfactory edition excluded) for a preferential price. Your experience, your choice.

Not only did we want to encourage the widening of your olfactory universe, but being green conscious, we also wanted to reduce our impact on the environment. Through our collection boxes we are able to significantly reduce our packaging, thus lessening our waste production. Small on the scale of things, but every little helps!

Let your creativity run free !



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