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Our Soft Perfumes around the world!

Each one of our Soft Perfumes has its own history, fragrance and imaginary place that inspire us and evoke a close or far destination... Today we invite you to travel with us!

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Our Soft Perfume Belle Furieuse in Britanny, against all odds...


Copacabana, in Brasil as its name suggests...

'Princess of the sea, half-moon of golden sand transcended by music, and the scent of flowers thrown into the ocean.'


De Guerre Lasse on vacation at the Ile de Ré, France

'A fragrance, a moment of rest for the warrior, an instant of gentleness to allow further travels.'


Etre Ici et Ailleurs blends into the Istanbul landscape...

'Your nose in the wind, the Marco Polo garden, rain pouring down. Wash off the day, illuminate your body – a sumptuous chrysalis – and carry yourself with pride.'


Eu Vent de Vous is a fragrance taking us back to South Africa : hot, ambergris-scented, mysterious...

'Sometimes all we have left is fragrance, the unique, eloquent trace of a decisive and splendid encounter.'


Lucky Bay is also the name of an Australian beach

'A glorious beach, the delicate feel of the sun on bare skin, and waves that envelop me in a vibrant fragrance.'

swingbeauty asie

Swing Beauty  took roots in Asia,

'The beauty and happiness of joyful days. Dance through life in a happy fragrance.

How about you ? Where do you bring your Soft Perfume with you this summer ?


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