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A question that comes around often for us is why solid perfume ? Where does it come from ? Is it new ?

Here at Sabé Masson we believe that solid perfume is the way to go, not only for it being super easy for travel ( hint hint, for all the globe trotters out there!) but it's also much better for your skin when you take a look at what can be found in your perfume.

During this article we'll go over it all, from the origins to our tips and tricks. Hope you enjoy and please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on the fragrances, solid perfume, the olfactory compositions or about the universe ! Although we don't know much about the latter, we'll do our very best to answer :)

Enjoy !

T H E   A P P E A R A N C E   O F    S O L I D   P E R F U M E

Having a déjà vu about Solid Perfume ? Indeed, to fully understand the origins of solid perfume we have to go back in time, very far back in time, more or less 5000 years back in time to be more accurate. Here we are in Ancient Egypt, here is where the first perfume rituals discovered and born. Techniques and know-how that will evolve through generations to become what we will now call more commonly "solid perfume".


Indeed, initially, Egyptians infused odorous substances such as sandalwood, various white flowers or spices in vegetable oils and/or animal fats to obtain a form of sacred incense for the practice of religious and funeral rituals. The most famous scent of Ancient Egypt being the "Kyphi" composed of nutmeg, juniper berries, raisins, terebinth resin, fragrant reed, fragrant rush, broom flowers, wine, honey and myrrh. Our dear ancestors were "Avant-gard" in fine fragrance composition we might say. This perfume tradition then spread to the realm of everyday life. The perfume was mainly used in two forms: in combustion, hence the name of perfume: Per fume or Per Fumare in Latin (by smoke). Or secondly in ointments, otherwise known under the name of concrete. The refinement of distillation in alcohol revolutionizes the way fragrance is produced from the fourteenth century onwards to give way to alcohol based fragrances that we know today. However, the qualities of solid perfume remain fully relevant, thanks to which we are witnessing somewhat of a « retour aux sources » today.

S O L I D   P E R F U M E   A S   A   S K I N C A R E  ...  A N D   M U C H   M O R E

One of the virtues of the solid perfume created in Ancient Egypt was that vegetable oils not only delicately perfumed but also nourished the skin. At Sabé Masson, we have re-explored this technique, wanting to modernize it, to bring together the ancient know-how and art of fine fragrance with the modern scientific advances of skincare. It is around this reflection that the Soft Perfume was born: the new generation of perfumery respectful of the skin. Whether in solid or liquid form.


For our solid perfumes we imagined and created 3 100% natural nourishing cosmetic bases 100 % alcohol free, paraben free and paraffin free. Our formulas are ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive. As for our liquid Soft Perfumes, they are also alcohol-free formulas, an innovative composition of water and oils. All our alcohol-free fragrances are concentrated at 10% and tested under dermatological control. As you can see, our entire collection is cruelty free and we even have a Vegan collection. This whilst waiting for the passage of all our products to 100% Vegan and with the endorsement of the renowned label EVE VEGAN.

O U R   3   C O S M E T I C   B A S E S  :

Tiara oil

T I A R E   O I L

Our solid perfumes with a natural cosmetic base made of tiare oil, have moisturizing and softening properties. Recognizable thanks to the slightly orange color of their paste. 

Mango Butter

M A N G O   B U T T E R   A N D   T A M A N  U   O I L

Our solid perfumes with a natural mango butter and Tamanu oil cosmetic base have anti-oxidant and regenerating properties. This base has a pinkish color.

Shea Butter

S H E A   B U T T E R

Our solid perfumes with shea butter are nourishing and refreshing. These are the fragrances elaborated with ta yellow beige color which are also vegan.

T H E   B E N E F I T S   O F   S O L I D   P E R F U M E   &   S K I N C A R E   P E R F U M E .

Beyond being good for the skin, our skincare fragrance / solid perfume have many advantages: .

  • "Alcohol makes a scent stick to the skin " = Wrong ! On the contrary to what you may think, alcohol does not "hold" a perfume. When an alcohol based perfume is sprayed, the alcohol that is a solvent evaporates to leave only a little fragrant concentrate on the skin. For our solid and liquid fragrances, it is the oily formulations of our products (butter or oils), non-volatile, which ensure the holding of your fragrance to the skin. Finally an alcohol free perfume that, instead of drying the skin, nourishes it! .

  • No more putting your fragrance in mini flasks to take on the plane with you, when in fact in doing so you lose half of your perfume. No more breakage of bottles during travel. Dare we say: no more bad smells on public transport? Solid perfume, your new travel companion, wether it be to the other end of the world or simply to create your olfactory bubble during your commute in public transport ! Basically you can take your Soft Perfume anywhere with you, simple as that !

  • Not only much cleaner Formulas, but also greener ones. More eco friendly and respectful of the environment. All our formulas are indeed alcohol free , paraben free and paraffin free. They are also cruelty free and made in France. Each formula is rigorously tested under dermatological supervision.



We also have a collection of 6 solid perfume fragrances, 3 hand and body balms and 3 soaps that are vegan. We are currently collaborating with the label EVE Vegan to finalize the rework of our formulas so that our entire collection is fully and 100% vegan before the end of 2019.

The packaging is fully recyclable with a cardboard case, and the plastic mechanism that you just need to recycle when your case is empty. And yes, to be fully transparent, we are already working on a technique for refills ;)

So, convinced? Ready to let us help you find your perfect fragrance?


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