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Eugénia et Talia's Soft Interview, Tomorrows' founders

Hello everyone,

Today, the charming founders of the ethical decoration brand Tomorrows answered our Soft Interview. They love our Soft Perfumes and we love their beautiful objects, full of sense and creativity.

Let's listen to them...



  • Could you present yourself and Tomorrows's goal to our readers ?

Eugénia : We met at the high school and after our undergraduate degree we took different ways : Talia did a graphism school and I did a business school. After our respective experiences in the fashion and the media, we both needed to find more sense in our jobs. We choose to left for India, to Jaipur, within an association which take care of street children. Talia gave them plastic arts lessons and I was developing new projects for the NGO. There, we spent all our free time visiting workshops of small businesses in which the country abounds, and we decided to create our own brand of decoration to put forward these sublime know-how.

We choose to create a brand which respects our ethical values and which has a positive impact on all the stages of the production line: our pillows are made from organic certified cotton by a cooperative which works only with small farmers who use no chemical products. Our pillows are completely handmade embroidered by Indian craftsmen in a certified workshop fair trade (what assures us that they are paid to the just price). We spent one-month there to meet the embroiderers and develop the collection hand in hand with them. Concerning the designs, we were inspired by the drawings of the children of the association for which we worked, and we gave back to them a part of our turnover to improve their everyday life.

Tomorrows is the first 100% ethical and responsable decoration brand and our goal is to develop other ranges of products with craftsmen of the whole world.


  • What are your main sources of inspiration?

Talia : Children's drawings are my first source of inspiration : I was doing my researches for our first collection and I didn't wanted to follow the trends that you find everywhere and which are created to be out of fashion every 6 months. Today, we are soaked with images all day long by the social networks and it is rather difficult not to be influenced by all this when we are creative. I had brought back with me dozens drawings of the children of the NGO of Jaipur and one day I had the idea to use them to create our pillows, I re-worked them of course but I tried to keep their naivety and their simplicity.


  • What fragrances have the power to transport you?

Talia : When I smell Jasmine, I immediately see myself in the Lebanon, my country of love.

Eugénia : For me, it is the Lavender, which reminds me my childhood's holidays in the South.


  • What is your favorite fragrance at Sabé Masson and why?

Eugénia : I love Georges et Moi Soft Perfume, for its fresh smell and its vintage packaging.

Talia : I really fell in love with Belle Furieuse Soft Perfume. It is at first the name that attracted me and I loved its basil and lemon notes, perfect for the summer!


  • How important instinct is when you have to make decisions?

An essential place! The experience proved us that when we did not trust it, we always regretted it at one point or another.


  • Our senses guide our instinct, which sense is the most important? And why?

The view because it allows to quickly feel an atmosphere.


  • Through whose person’s eyes would you like to see the world?

Through children's eyes because they are the most innocent peoples and they have an overflowing imagination!


  • Finally what are your projects?

We are going to put on sale on our website our finds of the whole world (always made in a craft way) besides our creations, and we have just launched our first collection of handmade embroidered pockets!

Thanks to both of you for your answers and your "search" of the so precious sense which also guides us in our projects! See you very soon...



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