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The Parisian Man's Soft Interview

Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago, The Parisian Man alias Rudy discovered our Maison de Parfum and had a crush on our products. Today he answers our "Soft Interview".


  • Could you present yourself to our readers?

I am Rudy, I am 39, I’m living between Paris and Newcastle (in the north-east of England) and my real passion is to have people discover what I really like – concerning fashion and lifestyle – via my Instagram account @theparisianman created in 2011 and my blog, launched in 2015.

  • What would you particularly like to share by creating your blog?

I have always wanted to entertain people, arouse their curiosity, have them discover new products, new restaurants, new cities, beautiful landscapes, good deals and above all new brands related to the beauty and fashion world. And what I like above all is to create new clothing looks and to share them with my community. I get many messages from people who thank me for having given them look, style, brand or accessories ideas and I love it!

  • What are your main sources of inspiration?

Well, I can’t hide it, Instagram is my main source of inspiration. It looks like a cliché, but the richness of information coming from this app is just incredible! I began my activity as a blogger on Instagram in 2011 and now the number of accounts equally amazing has skyrocketed. Frankly, visiting many different accounts on the app has become a real addiction to me! J

Finally I would say that travels, people in the streets, architecture and press dedicated to fashion and lifestyle are other sources that inspire me in my day to day life, my articles my looks and my ideas.

  • What fragrances have the power to transport you?

It could seem weird but I like the particular smell of churches (places I use to visit during my travels, even if I am not a believer at all), the smell of lavender in Provence which reminds me of my adolescence in Var, generally speaking the scent of flowers, the smell of orange trees in Spain and the smell of the countryside when I have the occasion to have a walk in the beautiful woods in the north-east of England.

  • What is your favorite fragrance at Sabé Masson and why?

Without a doubt “Artist” is my favorite Soft Perfume at Sabé Masson. This fragrance is a bit androgynous, with a woody touch I like very much. The scent is soft and strong at the same time and this deeply fits me.

  • What inspires you at Sabé Masson?

I think Sabé Masson is a very original Maison, forward thinking concerning the products it offers and very inspiring thanks to the different pictures broadcasted. Enable to use a quality perfume in a stick and to respect the health of your skin at the same time is a concept in line with my state of mind.


  • How important instinct is when you have to make decisions?

I am someone who is very sensitive, I deeply trust my instinct when I have to make decisions in my day to day life. Thus instinct plays an important role in all my choices. Everything has always gone well in both my professional and personal life so far. I certainly have a lucky star, a good instinct! Well, I hope it stays that way!

  • Our senses guide our instinct, which sense is the most important? And why?

I am someone very tactile, I like and I need touching people. I know some people sometimes are a bit embarrassed when I am touching them, but to be honest it doesn’t matter for me. This gesture is deeply essential in my relationship to others. It enables me to show how confident and friendly I am and the love of my neighborhood. It is commonly said “the one who can’t touch suffers from insensitivity”. I should be hyper sensitive then, that’s all! J

It often makes me sad to see so many people avoiding contacts by all means, who don’t dare, who are afraid of giving up control. We are living in a world which becomes more and more complex, stressful and based upon virtual. I think feel is an essential value to keep, to highlight, to coax and to learn to appreciate.

  • Through whose person’s eyes would you like to see the world?

If I had to choose someone to see the world through its eyes, without a doubt I would choose Tom Ford, his strong sense of beauty, design and aestheticism captivates me very much. I am a great fan of his work, of the character he was able to create and of his talent. So as to better understand, I recommend you to watch his film “A Single Man” released in 2009. It is wonderful!

  • Finally what are your projects?

To tell everything, my projects are now extremely related to my activity as a blogger. All my working hours on my blog, my pictures, my articles (French/English) and above all my Instagram account, seem to inspire and interest more and more “brands” with which I have coming collaboration projects, to fuel the curiosity of my dear community. I am lucky to experiment this exciting and a bit exceptional as a French blogger, by discovering in a preview showing new brands, new concepts, new products and above all meeting some great people, I want to completely enjoy every moment! I hope above all I will be able to entertain people as long as possible. To be continued…

Thank you Rudy for your honest answers, very interesting! See you soon!


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