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Soft interview of Stephanie – Journalist & founder of L’ Arrogante

Hi guys,

We’re back ! This time Stephanie creator of L'Arrogante Magazine, an inspiring lifestyle magazine full of life tips, fashion tricks and great things to do in general. Discover the answers given by Stephanie in our sit down in this latest edition of our Soft Interview !

Also check out her account for all the happenings : @stephchermont and @larrogantemag !


  • Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello Capucine & Georges, the best team ! I have been a journalist for several years for various TV shows and magazines. Besides, I write topics for different medias with a specialty on culture (cinema and music). Otherwise I’m a hyperactive and fanatic Parisian who rides her bike through Paris and loves meeting new people.


  • How important is instinct to your decision-making process ?

Instinct is what motivates me daily. I find instinct is lost a little when growing up, whilst as a child everything works on instinct. And yet, this is when it becomes more important, should we not follow our instinct rather than listen sometimes to the bad people around you? 4 years ago I left a job that was extremely stressful to begin as freelancer. It was a form of success driven by instinct, because today this is the rhythm that suits me the most. Regarding the misses  ... Let's say that in friendship or in love, I am less instinctive and it often plays tricks on me. I very easily trust, it is a form of naivety and I rarely see the bad in others.


  • Our senses guide our instinct, which one is the most important for you ? And why ?

I want to answer “touch". I know that some people hate being touched but I have this need, this habit of putting my hand sometimes on the hands of another. Touch him or her  to better feel or connect, as if there were energy to adsorb from the contact. It’s a curious sensation but it must come from my Italian origins, say that there, because we touch each other more easily (No dirty joke intended!).


  • What are the scents that transport you?

Orange blossom! And musk, jasmine but also citrus. These scents make me want to travel, and at the same time, they remind me of childhood, the sweetness of this era, the beginning of femininity ...


  • Which Sabé Masson fragrances is your favourite and why ?

I am captivated by Georges et Moi . This goes for the fragrance and also for George who works at Sabé Masson, a sweetheart  ! Let's say that Georges et Moi combines these hints of lemon, bergamot and rose that I enjoy everyday. It's sweet and intimate, relaxing and sensual.


  • What inspired you to collaborate with Sabé Masson ?

In everyday life, I only like what is natural. And Sabé Masson respects by far all the criteria of this concept of life! 100% Alcohol free, one does not feel attacked by its perfume because Sabé Masson has managed the crazy bet to remove what was harmful or violent for our skin, while keeping subtle fragrances and that hold on the skin all day.


  • Do you have a favorite sound or noise ? If so could you tell us what is it ?

Is it cliché to say the sound of the waves, the sea or the ocean ? I miss it in Paris and I would like to hear it now, right away ... Anyone up for a weekend by the sea ?


  • What would you say inspires you ?

Flowers, plants, the exchanges of first meeting Parisians, the children and their curiosity, my friends, my yoga and sports teachers and all those with whom I communicate every day on Instagram! I take lots of ideas and advice from my small but amazing community.


  • Through the eyes of which person would you like to see the world?

For the joke, those of my little dog Lucette. She has a perfect life, walks in Paris, food cooked by me,  being unceasingly looked after and grabbing all the attention, so much love  and naps … naps  in the middle of the day. If this doesn’t make you want to become Lucette, I don’t know what will ?

steph lago di braies grand air


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