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The Soft Interview of Patricia Blanchet, founder of Patricia Blanchet

Hello everyone,

A couple of days ago, we had the chance to receive Patricia Blanchet, designer of the beautiful Patricia Blanchet shoes. We just couldn’t resist this creative but down-to-earth woman. She accepted to participate to our Soft Interview…

Let’s meet her…


  • Can you present your background as well as your brand Patricia Blanchet ?

I grew up in a world full of shoes as my father imported Italian shoes. As a child, I was spending my time, when I wasn’t at the dance, in the middle of all the different pairs of shoes you can possibly imagine. Therefore, it gave me time to immerse myself in this universe and all its galaxies. But of course, it was something else. After having worked for others, I told myself that the best way to express was to do it for me. Thus, I decided to launch my own brand. First by seeking my own way, by creating a model here and there. It was truly like a laboratory. It was pretty exciting and disturbing, I confess, sometimes I have been discouraged but at a point in time, I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to give birth to my brand. And little by little, it has grown along the way until the opening of our first physical store in the 10th district in Paris.

  • What are your main sources of inspiration in your work?

Inspirations come from various axes that are, more or less, always the same: first of all cinema. I spend hours in film libraries, in small movie theatres, I swallow thousands of movies, all the great masters, I have seen again and again all the classic movies. I have movies that I bought twice to have different editions. It is the same for music, I try to go to concert at least once a week. It is always a good thing to know concert hall, their atmosphere. There is the dance also, that I practiced a lot as a child. Painting, photography, fashion. Everything is a source of inspiration and, for me, it is vital to feed my creations with this fields. Because it is about sharing.

  • Which place do you give to instinct when taking a decision ?

A first choice place. Everything is governed by instinct for us. We have the chance to be a familial company where everything is done with pleasure and instantly. We have an idea, write it in on the paper and right after we ask the fabric to do it. It is the same for everything. It would be unimaginable to act, think, react an other way. And it is not just because presently, in this world, everything is way too calculated, it is just a pleasure.


  • Our senses guide our instinct, which one is the more important for you and why?

The sense of smell, without any hesitation. I smell all that goes under my nose, it is almost a disease, and I look crazy when people see me sniffing everything. Everything, from meals to cocktails. I think that I have, thanks to this, escape diverse attempts of poisoning.


  • Which scents transport you?

None of them especially, but all of them. Like I said, I smell everything. Thus, everything transports me. The destination is not always marvellous but the scent always gets me somewhere.



  • Which of Sabé Masson’s fragrance is your favourite and why ?

Striptease Flowers. I have a preference for woody smells. The ones with character, evocating an ocean of trees. This perfume is particularly well constructed but it is the case of much of others.

  • What inspires you at Sabé Masson?

Her ability to rebound. It is a woman that rebounds, it is very feminine but at the same time very warrior. Here it is… Sabé Masson is the ability to reinvent herself without ever breaking.

  • Through the eyes of which person would you like to see the world?

Maybe Stevie Wonder. I love his music until the late 70s.

  • And finally, what are your projects?

To be serene.


Isn't She Lovely ?

Thank you Patricia for all this confessions, see you very soon, with serenity!




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