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The Soft Interview of Constance, founder of The Socialite Family

Today, it’s Constance, the founder of The Socialite Family who answered the questions of our Soft Interview. Discover this passionate women's answers below!


  • Can you present us your career and your blog, The Socialite Family to our readers?

Raised with my brothers and sisters between Paris and Milano, we were educated by my mother, who was an artist, « draging » us to « Les Puces de Saint Ouen » every weekend, to Drouot, and to the Opera to listen to some baroque music. So obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the three. After studies in law and history of Art, I wanted to become an auctioneer. Life and encounters decided otherwise because I finally entered the editorial world, then an advertising agency and then became an art buyer. It’s by observing the disruption of our generation’s lifestyles, this desire to work, to have kids later and keep traveling that pushed me to create the blog The Socialite Family. It was 5 years ago now. Ever since then, my partner, Marianne Gosset and I work with a team that is as passionate as we are about this subject.

  • What are your biggest sources of inspiration in your work?

The others, the people, everywhere. In the streets, the hallways, the high ceilings. The shop window of a store. The parisian buildings from the 60’s and of course the milanese buildings from the 40’s. Gorgeous! It’s endless.

  • What inspires you in Sabé Masson?

The founder's history!

david chaplain-18

David Chaplain

  • Which scents transport you?

The scent of horses! We are a family of riders so when we went riding horses it smelled like leather boots, saddle and the dried horse manure in the car, it was a normal thing! Everything that makes this sport that is horse riding is so amazing.

  • Which of Sabé Masson’s fragrance is your favourite and why?

Georges et Moi! I love it a lot. In the Solid Soft Perfume form of course!

  • Which place do you give to instinct when taking a decision?

A really important place. Truth is, instinct is the only thing that guides me.

Stephanie Lize-7

Stephanie Lize

  • Our senses guide our instinct, which one is the most important for you and why?

Actually, I would say the sight! It’s through the eyes that you live and feel everything. The emotions.

  •  Through the eyes of which person would you like to see the world?

I don’t really know. Through those of my children, who are still fragile and sane.

  • And finally, what are your projects? 

The expansion of The Socialite Family’ furniture brand. A collection that we have been developing for a year and that is available on our website only. A simple universe, pretty and functional to have pieces that you can’t find anywhere else and that you want so badly.


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