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Soft interview of Adeline Jouan - Model & creator of Mes Idées Naturelles

Hey everyone,

We’re back again, this time with full time eco warrior and part time model Adeline Jouan. Adeline is the creator of “Mes Idées Naturelles” a lifestyle blog with tips and tricks about how to become more ecologically aware. Adeline is helping us see small but significant ways we can go green !

We were very lucky to catch Adeline at a good time in her busy schedule to have a chat and ask her our questions.

Happy reading !


  • Can you introduce yourself to our readers ?

Hey there, I’m Adeline, 28, arrived in Paris almost 8 years ago now. I studied geography and majored in environment in Normandy then I went to Paris to pursue a master's degree in understanding the management of ecosystems. Those years of study and internship were exciting, I loved it. In the meantime, I was spotted by a headhunter to become a model when I was still at university. I said why not and embarked on the adventure in parallel with my studies. I have always been passionate about nature, animals & plant species, a slower and healthier way of life; I wanted to share this with others. A few months later  “Mes Idées Naturelles” was born, an eco-friendly lifestyle blog. All aspects of life are discussed but with a twist, how to live / do them more responsibly. I share cooking recipes, ethical fashion  or more "scientific" articles. The important thing for me is to raise awareness without being moralistic and with a touch of humor.


  • How important is instinct to your decision-making process ?

At first I felt that I did not give so much space to instinct, however then I thought about the blog and modeling . I indeed listened to my instinct and I took my courage in both hands. And if modeling did not work? And what if I was devoured by this “kill or be killed” modeling environment ? What if nobody reads my blog? It's never easy to get started ...! But deep down I felt it was right, that it was what I wanted, you have to know how to listen to your inner voice. I tend to think that there are no wrong paths, but rather lessons of life, experience. One can always draw positive from a situation and come out of it more grown.


  • Our senses guide our instinct, which one is the most important for you ? And why ?

It's hard to choose, I'm someone very attached to feelings. I would say that they all guide me in their own way, it's a global experience. I like to touch, like children in shops I put my hands everywhere,  if there are any velvet cushion covers, any seagrass carpets or soft clothes you can be sure my hands will be on them ! I also love nature, beautiful things, traveling and drawing so vision is very important to me. I marvel quite easily in front of landscapes. As for the sense of smell, it opens me to many sensations and brings me back to many memories. If it’s something strong enough, it allows me to travel, I close my eyes and I am transported.


  • What are the scents that transport you ?

The smell of the sea, the spray; it brings me home, to the coasts of Normandy. The slices of brioche coming out of the oven remind me of Sunday morning with my sister and my brother at my grandmother’s house. The smell of summer rain on hot concrete makes me feel something that I can not describe, I love this particular smell. It often goes with thunderstorms and I can spend hours watching the lightning tear the sky and listen to thunder roar.


  • Which Sabé Masson fragrances is your favourite and why ?

What ? I can choose one?  Then I would have to say Striptease Flowers, it was my second solid perfume from Sabé Masson, I always wear it. I appreciate its floral and sweet woody hints that takes me out of my comfort zone to take me to scents that I'm not used to wearing. I also really enjoy De Guerre Lasse that accompanies me everywhere, its smell comforts me and a brings me a kind of power boos.


  • What inspired you to collaborate with Sabé Masson ?

My lifestyle is more about simple things, quality products and above all with a lower environmental impact. Perfume is part of a daily ritual, when I discovered Sabé Masson many years ago I was immediately hooked: products made in France, solid perfumes that remind me of the concrete of my childhood, natural ingredients and almost all plants, superb packaging. I think that's a lot of reasons isn’t it ?


  • Do you have a favorite sound or noise ? If so could you tell us what is it ?

The sound of the waves appeases me, I love the sea, I lived 10 minutes away from the beach up until my 18 birthday. It's in a way my meditation, I feel refreshed and full of good energy after a walk by the sea, regardless of the season.


  • What would you say inspires you ?

Nature, my surroundings, my travels but also what I have already lived, my experiences.


  • Through the eyes of which person would you like to see the world ?

Those of a bird, to take a lot of altitude and observe the world from another angle, take leave of human agitation and be quiet. I’ve also always wanted to fly !

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