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Festivals season is launched!

Each year, these are acclaimed appointments evoking summer weather. The Coachella Festival is the one who caught our attention. This is an unavoidable Spring event for those who want to get some inspiration and to attend a parade of bohemian looks, in an escape, sharing and letting go spirit, with an eagerly awaited musical programming.

This bohemian spirit in an American desert, attracts a large number of unkown and famous persons, with elaborated styles. We enjoyed imagining which of our Soft perfumes ' fragrances could fit them.

belle fur


Discover Belle Furieuse

©Fashion Cognoscente


Discover Swing Beauty



Discover De Guerre Lasse



Discover Copacabana



Discover Zazou



Discover Striptease Flowers


To enable you to enjoy open air concerts, your Soft Perfume easily joins your essential belongings in your tote bag and enables a scented retouching all day long.

Each festival has its own musical programming and dress code, from the « Interceltique » Festival (Lorient, France) to the Main Square festival, it is up to you to find the music and the fragrance which will transport you.

Festivally yours,

The Crazy team Sabé Masson


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