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Wedding season is the most beautiful one…

Perfumed weddings!

They rhyme with love, joy and sharing: every year, weddings are hoped-for meetings to spend excellent moments with family and friends.

Whether you are witness, guest or even bride or groom, you will kiss about a hundred people on the cheek and spend an extraordinary day full of emotion, surprise and dance.

So as to enjoy these wonderful moments, there is nothing more convenient than the stick format of our solid caring perfume! Discreetly slipped into your handbag or clutch bag, it will be your asset to scent yourself at any time of the day and all night long.

Inspired by the flowery universe of fancy weddings on the countryside, we enjoyed imagining fragrances which could be associated with these beautiful ideas for the wedding day.


Graphic wedding announcements / Soft Perfume Swing Beauty    ©


Vegetal balloon / Soft Perfume Georges et Moi   ©


Bridal bouquet / Soft Perfume La Reine Soleil            @Racked.


Table center-piece / Soft Perfume Zazou   @Racked.


Seating plan / Soft Perfume Brune Melancolia    ©Fashion Cognoscente


Bride hairstyle / Soft Perfume De Guerre Lasse    ©Fashion Cognoscente


DIY giant paper flowers / Soft Perfume Artist     ©Fashion Cognoscente 


                World map Guestbook / Soft Perfume Etre Ici et Ailleurs  ©Fashion Cognoscente 

Every wedding has its own atmosphere which is built with a little bit of each other to create a harmonious whole for this unique day. It is up to you to choose the fragrance you will take with you!

Joyfully yours,

The Sabé Masson crazy team


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