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Women & Proud to be !

Women & Proud to be : March 8th, International Women's day. 

Déclaration 2

Formalised since 1977 by the United Nations, this day is originally from the Women's Suffrage that appeared in the early 20th century, for better work conditions and the right to vote that was only allowed to men then.

To celebrate this crucial day, we decided to share with you a book from our library : "Declaration of Women and Citizen" written by Olympe de Gouges, a book to discover, to read again and again, that retraces our story. The book will be given to every women of our eshop and parisien store*, on March 8th, Women & Proud to be!

(*while stocks last)

Olympe de Gouges :

Emblematic figure for feminism and Women's rights, Olympe de Gouges, also known as Marie Gouze is a writer, she was born on May 7th 1748 in Montauban. All her life, she fought for Women's rights, and refused to get married, to keep her right to publish her books.

She publishes her book "Declaration of Women and Citizen" in september 1971, the tittle is inspired by the the Declaration of Human and Civil Rights. Olympe de Gouges says in her book : " If the woman has the right to climb the scaffold, she also has the right to come to the rostrum". This sentence make sens even more today and echoes in all the Women's mind.


We wish a beautiful day to all the Women around the world,

Team Sabé Masson, Women & Proud to be

Special thanks to Editions Fayard for this partnership.


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