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The Christmas gifting ceremony at Sabé Masson

The Ceremony is open

Every time it's a game guessing what is inside... You open them gently and carefully, but at the same time burning with impatience... You try to weight them, you turn them around and sometimes shake them so as to guess its' content.

This Christmas at Sabé Masson, you will discover several of our little treasures wrapped in a silk piece of paper, you will untie ribbons to eventually discover the trophy.

01-Modèle Duo-Ouvert 2 soft

Surprising Soft Perfumes, beautiful and delicate Balms Body and Hands, maybe you will feel the weight of our precious Engraving Soaps and turn them up and down... Maybe you will align these gifts, find them delightful, we hope so, touch them for a long moment, a bit fascinated by their subtle colour, their powder aspect, maybe you will try the Soft Perfume first? We then think that you will close this light blue box so that nothing could go out of it.

Modèle Trio galénique GeorgesThis is the Gift Art at Sabé Masson as well, we like the idea that your hearts pound while discovering our nectars.

Merry Christmas!

"Perfume fragrances the world, and the world evolves..."

We evolve and it's for the best !



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