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A blossoming young lady


You have no doubt all been wondering about the young lady with such delicate features, who you've seen throughout the pages of our website To satisfy your curiosity, Louise Le Niger has kindly agreed to embrace the game of the "Soft Interview".

  • Can you introduce yourself to those of our readers who don't know you yet?

My name is Louise; I'll be 17 at the end of the year. I live in Paris and I'm in the final year of secondary school.

  • Which are the scents that transport you?

I really like the scent of a summer month in Provence: the sun, the lavender... I'm also really fond of the hairspray that my grandmother used to use. I love the idea that a smell can take us to another place, another person, another moment...

  •     What is your favourite fragrance from Sabé Masson, and why?

Zazou was the first one that Sabé gave me, before we worked together – I'd say that it's this one for what it symbolises.

  •  What inspires you at Sabé Masson?

I like the painstaking attention to details, the delicate scents and, of course, the concept: the sticks, for example, are a symbol of freedom for me; I can take them anywhere and apply perfume discreetly.  I like the idea of applying perfume on the metro or the street; people are surprised to see me putting it on my neck when they thought it was a lipstick.

  • How much of a role does instinct play in your decision-making? In successes? Failures?

In my daily life, I'd say that I follow my instinct whenever I can. It’s often instinct that leads us to make the right decisions. I'm thinking of course of my first encounter with Sabé – it was by following her instinct that she suggested I work with her. I had no experience, and on the first day of the shoot I could have totally panicked, with the professionalism of the photographer, the make-up artist, etc. But I followed by instinct once again and managed to represent the spirit of Sabé Masson.

  • Our senses guide our instincts – which one speaks to you most? And why?

I think that the sense of smell means the most to me, because it's often linked to a memory which itself links us to other senses. When I think about lily of the valley, I imagine myself in my grandfather's garden, or snuggled up to my mum's neck.

  • What are the main sources of inspiration in your modelling work?

My "modelling work" is actually not that extensive, because I only work for Sabé Masson. I quite like this work, because I feel like I'm two people when I'm posing; I'm not the 16-year-old schoolgirl Louise, but an assured young woman, miming expressions and playing a role. It's actually a bit like acting.

  • Through whose eyes would you like to see the world?

I would like to go back to being 4-5 years old – to see what preoccupied me, what interested me.

  • Finally, what are your plans for the future?

My work with Sabé Masson has only just started, but I'm also going to continue with my studies, and travel, which I love.


Clearly the adventure is just beginning!

Thank you for your answers, Louise.

See you soon for a new "Soft Interview".




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