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Green Friday = Our Soft Perfumes Packaging Free

In an era where we seem to be encouraged to over consume at lower and lower prices, as a brand we decided to take a step back, take the time to breathe and ask ourselves : Is Black Friday really necessary ?

After a long reflection between our team members we collectively decided not to participate in the Black Friday frenzy. We do not want to encourage over spending, over consuming or even overproducing.

We want to avoid as much we can the negative impact that the previously stated has on both us and the environment.

We are aware that many of you who follow us are already sensitive to the topics / current issues of ecology and the environment. That's why, rather than buying compulsively due to low prices, we wanted to do something more meaningful, more reasonable.

From 29/11 to 02/12, all our products will be sold packaging free at a price that reflects this.

As we say, "perfume is the soul of the world and the world changes" so let's all participate, even if it’s on a small scale, in the building of this new world turned towards the future and move together towards responsible and respectful consumption habits.

This « Black Friday » weekend is the opportunity to reflect on what we really need as opposed to the superfluous. We are a strong believer in quality over quantity, or in the case, better consumption over high consumption.

Of course, you may do what you like with your hard earned money, however every little helps so even if you decide to recycle more, resell your old goods, give to those who could find a second life for your unwanted objects or simply deciding to cut one thing of your Black Friday list, you will have a made a difference.

Thanks you for your understanding,

Team Sabé
Black Ediot
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