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Et Dieu créa...

Hello everyone,

Today it is the lovely blogger Elisa who is taking part in our Soft interview.  Elisa immediately fell in love with our Soft Perfumes and chose to share this together with her daughter through a nice post that you can find on her blog, with an equally beautiful name Et Dieu Créa.

  • Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Elisa, I am 38 years old and mother of 3 children: Jules, Lou and Mia.  I am an epicurean and one day I decided that life is a gift, a real opportunity that I wasn’t going to let pass me by.  Since then, I share the things that make me happy, big or small, through my daily blog.

  • What is it that you liked about Sabé Masson?

I loved the idea of indulging in moments of olfactory during the day, I like the idea of taking care of yourself anywhere and everywhere.  Most of all I like the fact that in each of the fragrances there is a strong sense of escapism.

  • What part has your instinct played in your successes and failures?

I would say I am quite an instinctive person.  I questioned my sensitive nature for a long time but I realise now that my intuition rarely lets me down.  Using my gut instinct has enabled me to develop a really strong sense of feeling towards people. I am able to quickly read and empathise with new people.  Of course I have also made mistakes, but who hasn’t?

  • Our senses guide our intuition. Which ones speak to you the most and why?

Sight.  I am very sensitive to imagery, beauty and the aesthetic which can be found in everything.  I feel that opening your eyes to the world and looking at the sky allows you to dream bigger.

  • Which fragrances take you on a journey?

The smell of my children and ‘fleur d’oranger’ because of its gourmand and playful nature.

  • What is your favourite Sabé Masson fragrance?

La Reine Soleil.

  • Which sound makes you feel good or gives you energy?

Childrens laughter, especially if it is my children.

  • What are the main things that inspire you?

Images.  I try to gather as many images as possible.  I can pass entire nights on Pinterest.

  • Through whose eyes would you like to see the world?

Through the eyes of my children, I would love to be 4 years old again.  I would love to be pure and to discover the world for the first time.

Elisa, thank you for taking the time to respond to our questions with such energy and enthusiasm. We hope to see you soon!


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