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City Beak and Soft Perfumes

Sorry for being so long to come back to you with this new article... Our Brand Sutdio is in complete effervescence since a couple of weeks now, it is also what it takes to have a brand that moves on... this article will be about rhythm to imagine that we have the right to take some time for us, to have a break, gently, to revitalize ourselves and carry on.

 « Perfume fragrances the world, and the world evolves ! In the city, our bodies are treated roughly and are looking for new ways to revitalize..." 

It is time to give us a break, like and addictive urban rite, slightly egocentric and that would reconnect our skin, our mind, here, right now.

Under the caress of a Soft Perfume, a few suspended minutes and the body reinvents itself and calm down... and the skin fragrances in his own time...»

Here, in video, is a page of our story "Fragrances with a thousand virtues". Our creator confides in you and tells you all about Soft Perfumes. Louise muse and friends of the brand has been filmed in her daily life and embodies some of the thousands ways to perfume her skin… with a Soft.



And promised, a new article very soon about Christmas preparation, and especially blue color and the sweetness of Christmastide.


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