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Duo Gift Box - 1 Liquid Soft Perfume & 1 Solid Soft Perfume


Price as configured: €120.00

Liquid Soft Perfume

Ritual and Galenic

The Soft Perfume becomes Liquid offering its new unique and innovative formula, free of alcohol : it is the Perfume respectful of the skin. The vaporization of this nectar of Perfume is a pure sensation of an olfaction refined as a diamond cut. Captured and protected within its precious black bottle, the particular molecules will flourish on your skin, on your hair, intimately related with each other.
Ritual and Galenic
Solid Soft Perfume

Ritual and Galenic

It is a perfume nectar that glides over the skin; onto the wrists, inside the elbows, behind the knees, the base and nape of the neck, and the pulse points. An object of beauty and well-being, you can take it with you everywhere you go, thanks to its environmentally-friendly and ultra-lightweight packaging. It will fragrance and take care of your skin in one fluid movement.
Ritual and Galenic
The Art of gifting

Always sharing your favorite fragrances of Solid Soft Perfumes, Liquid Soft Perfumes, Engraving-Soaps or Hand and Body balms... It's the art of gifting.

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