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Learning how to use perfume

The Art of Soft Perfume

Discreet in its presence, yet captivating in its scent, a well-chosen perfume envelops us like a caress, making us at one with our body and revealing our soul.  A perfume is a very personal thing, creating a unique harmony with every different skin and bringing out different notes on different people, depending on their skin's tone and pH. Your fragrance becomes unique to you.  Give your perfume time to reveal all its notes, from top to base; discover its harmonies, listen to its music, dare to mix it with another perfume.  Our Soft Perfumes offer you a new, unique, graceful way to use perfume. A caress of perfume: a caress of Soft Perfume. Whether on the temples, the tip of the nose, the wrists, or behind the knees, allow yourself to be surprised by this new and more personal method that is both fun and incredibly revitalizing.

Learning how to use perfume

Learning a new way to use perfume

You may also want to discover the first five liquid interpretations of our Soft Perfumes.  Why not mix different textures?   Combine the gentle touch of our Solid Soft Perfumes with the energy of our Liquid Soft Perfumes.  A blend of notes and textures, genuine sensations translated through the unique sensuality of perfume, something so fundamental to our memory.  Let yourself be transported by our beautiful perfumery, choose your own harmonies and create your own alchemy.

Matching Soft Perfume with your style

Our Soft Perfumes bring out a whole range of sensations and surprises, full of color. Are you "Belle Furieuse"? Or are you more of a "Reine Soleil"? Or perhaps an "Artist"?  There is a Soft Perfume to match every mood, every state of mind, every style and every moment. Anything is possible.